How to Choose the Right Network

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Choosing the right network for your project depends on these main criteria:

1. Scale of the Lighting System.

Do you have a few hundred light points, a few thousand light points, or a few hundred thousand light points? The scale of your project helps determine whether you should build a DMX-based system that uses the DMX Protocol/RDM Protocol (appropriate for a few hundred light points), or an Ethernet-based system that uses KiNET (right for a few hundred to a few hundred thousand light points). 

2. Interoperability.

Do you have luminaires from other manufacturers? Do you need to use controllers from other manufacturers? Do you have to use accessories/keypads? These factors can lead you to choose a shared, compatible network. 

3. The Future.

Do you foresee maintenance/reconfiguration during the lifetime of the project? If so, KiNET (Ethernet-based) provides this capability. Or you will require DMX-based system with RDM capabilities.

While these three criteria serve as a general guide, Color Kinetics System Experts are available to help you determine what network is best-suited for your project.

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