What Makes Color Kinetics Controls Different?

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Experience and Expertise in All Areas of Control

At Color Kinetics, we’re committed to delivering sophisticated LED lighting controls systems that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

We deliver integrated systems.

We complement our exceptional portfolio of LED luminaires with a full family of controllers, power/data supplies, and all of the other elements that our customers need.  

Why this matters: You get a complete (and fully integrated) system—not a set of components that have to be pieced together into a system. Our approach also enables us to provide you with unique benefits like 2 SDCM on whites, CCTs on IntelliHue fixtures, and the ability to select a 3000K >80 CRI white point with high lumens remotely through IoT enabled systems. 


We’re experts in controlling LED lighting systems.

Our expertise and innovation in control is unequalled in the lighting industry. For example, we were one of the first companies to enable RGB-color-changing light—and arguably the first to tap of potential of IoT when we helped light the Empire State Building in 2011.  

Why this matters: As experts and innovators, we can offer you real-world advice, clear answers, and all the support you need to make your vision a reality.  


Integration is in our DNA.

We integrate the key components of a complete LED lighting system seamlessly—so you don’t have to. In addition to our global community of value-added partners, we provide broad access to our lighting system experts, including system integrators, who have unequalled experience to help you get the best possible results. 

Why this matters: Meticulous integration means no guesswork—just high quality and year-after-year reliability.  


We’re committed to industry standards and interoperability.  

In short, we play well with others—an important quality that gives you the freedom to choose the solution that works best for your needs.  

Why this matters: With Color Kinetics, You can use 3rd party sensors and controllers to create an interactive lighting experience. 


We’re committed to technological innovation at all levels.  

From color consistency, quality of light, and uniformity, our technologies take on the challenges of LED lighting solutions and solve them. 

Why this matters: When you choose Color Kinetics, you benefit from our significant investment in advanced, enabling technologies that raise color and light quality—as well as system-level reliability—to new heights. 


Our experts have broad and deep experience in lighting systems.  

Our lighting system experts and global network of partners know how to get excellent results with diverse implementations.  

Why this matters: Access to our responsive experts and value-added partners can help answer questions and achieve the specific effect or result that you want to achieve with your project. 


We have a history of innovation—but our focus is on the future.  

We pioneered early LED lighting solutions. But we continue to focus on developing next-generation luminaires and all the enabling technologies and components that ensure the best possible results. We integrate real-world insights from our customers into our solutions, ensuring that they meet the evolving needs of the marketplace. 

 Why this matters: We’re a dedicated, long-term partner that you can turn to for innovation, expertise, and support—now and far in the future. 


We’re dedicated to sustainability and energy-efficient solutions. 

Our investment in research and development lets us develop complete lighting solutions that not only look great, but also use less energy and last longer.  

Why this matters: Energy efficiency and sustainability aren’t an option anymore—they’re critical to our future. 

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