Long-Term Storage Guidance for Color Kinetics Fixtures, Controls, and Accessories

Storage of products for extended periods (many years) may result in degradation of components as a result of moisture accumulation and oxidation. If products will be stored for extended periods, degradation can be minimized by adhering to the following guidelines:

a. Maintain Humidity below 70%.

.....i. High moisture exposure represents the biggest risk to stored products.

.....ii. Many products utilize Gore® vents to manage moisture accumulation inside fixture housings. Some moisture accumulation may be visible over time if fixtures are not powered on.

b. Maintain ambient temperature between 5-35’C.

c. Prevent exposure to water, dust, dirt, chemicals, other foreign substances, insects, animals, and other potential sources of damage.

d. Periodically inspect stored products for exposure to items mentioned in 3.c.

e. Do not store directly on concrete floor, as moisture from the concrete can damage packaging, and products are more susceptible to spills or other temporary water accumulations.

Additional measures that will help expand storage life

1. Periodically (every 2 years) connect and power on stored products for 4 hours. Powering the fixtures generates heat which drives out moisture from the fixture interior, and connecting power cables to the fixture connectors helps to limit oxidation effects on contacts.

Measures to be taken prior to use

1. Check product firmware version and update if needed.

2. If stored for greater than 2 years, verify mechanical and electrical functionality prior to installation.

3. If stored for greater than 5 years, inspect gaskets and power cables for degradation.

Additional Notes

1. Fixtures that have been in service for extended periods will exhibit reduced light levels due to normal LED lumen depreciation. When installing a new fixture alongside one that has been in service, there may be a discernable difference in light output. Light levels of color-changing fixtures can be adjusted to minimize these differences using the lighting control system.

2. Fixtures that have been in service for extended periods might exhibit some variation in finish or powder coat color that may be discernable from new products due to environmental effects.

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November 22, 2019

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