Updating Multi Protocol Converter 8 Firmware with QuickPlay Pro 2

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QuickPlay Pro 2 - is powerful commissioning software from Color Kinetics that lets you configure, setup, and test DMX Address Maps, simulate light points in a lighting installation and demonstrate lighting effects live.

Procedure to update Multi Protocol Converter 8 (MPC8) Firmware with QuickPlay Pro 2.

QuickPlay Pro 2 offers a simplified firmware update process for most devices. The Firmware update procedure for MPC8 is different then the standard process and is outlined below.

  1. Confirm that you have the most recent version of QuickPlay Pro 2 (QPP2)
    1. Download QuickPlay Pro 2 software here
    2. Visit the QuickPlay Pro 2 Quick Start Guide to get the most from the software
  2. Download the latest Firmware for MPC8 from https://www.colorkinetics.com/global/support/downloads/firmware
  3. Launch QPP2 and discover the MPC8 that needs to be addressed
  4. Set MPC8 to bootloader mode
  5. Enter the MPC8 IP address in the web browser
  6. Navigate to the MPC8 configuration page, and upload the Firmware you downloaded
  7. Reboot the MPC8

Procedure is complete. MPC8 should now be updated with the latest Firmware.

Visit the Multi Protocol Converter 8 webpage for more information.
Download the most recent version of the Color Kinetics Product Guide to see the full range of Color Kinetics products including the Multi Protocol Converter 8 and other Controller Network Devices.

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