Is IntelliWhite (iW) the best tunable white light?

IntelliWhite is only one way to achieve tunable white.

IntelliWhite (iW) luminaires allow you to change the quantity of different color temperatures, mixing to create a hue of white. For many lighting designers, this approach offers a very intuitive way to change between CCTs, since they can control each channel individually, getting the right percentage of each channel – and the hue they want on-site. However, this method creates technical and implementation challenges:

• CCTs generated between the channels will always be below the black body curve and hued pink.

• Maximum light output for a specific CCT is lower for iW than it is for an IntelliHue solution with the same luminaire form factor and power rating.

• During implementation/commissioning, the choice of how much of each channel to use is often done by eye, and the lighting designer does not necessarily know the final CCT, hue, or output level generated.

Color Kinetics' line of IntelliHue luminaires enable high-quality intelligent color and tunable white light from a single fixture. 

ReachElite IntelliHue Powercore

Learn more about IntelliHue by watching this video: 

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