iPlayer 3 Firmware Update Procedure

The iPlayer 3 firmware image is periodically updated to improve system performance and functionality. Visit the iPlayer 3 product page for the most recent firmware update. If your iPlayer 3 is not running the most recent firmware it is recommended that you update to maximize system performance.

To determine your iPlayer 3 current firmware revision, follow the steps below.

  1. Apply AC Power to iPlayer 3
  2. After iPlayer 3 has initialized, press the right arrow button to enter “Config Mode”
  3. Use the up/down arrow buttons to scroll to “Info”, then press the right arrow button to enter the “Info” menu
  4. Use the up/down arrow buttons to scroll to “Version”, then press the right arrow button
  5. The screen should read “Firmware Revision” and the line below displays the revision number in form of “v01.00.xx b00001”
  6. If the “xx” value is a lower number than the most recent image on the website, you should proceed to the updating process described below.


Firmware Update Procedure (Windows)
  • Once the program is open, click Select under “Firmware Image File”.
  • Select the latest .hex file from the directory in which it is stored on your computer and click Open
  • With the firmware image successfully loaded, click Connect under “iPlayer 3”
  • Once the version information is displayed under “iPlayer 3” click Program to begin the update process
Note: do not disconnect USB cable during the firmware upgrade process, doing so may damage the device.

  • Upon successful completion of the firmware update you should receive an information message of “Programming complete!” Click OK and then select File – Quit to exit the program.

Your iPlayer 3 firmware is now updated.

Periodically check the website for new firmware upgrades.

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