Do RGBW luminaires make the best white light?

That’s only one way to deliver white light.

Many lighting designers assume that to get a good white, they simply need to add a white LED chip. While this is a quick way to create white light, they are sacrificing potential flux output by only using one of the 4 channels to contribute to flux output at a particular CCT. To get high output and high CRI, you need to consider making different luminaire choices. Instead of just adding a white LED channel, choose a system – such as Color Kinetics IntelliHue – that optimizes spectral content and achieves high flux and high CRI throughout a wide range of CCTs. Other approaches – RGB, RGBW, and RGBA – can also create white light using all LED channels. However, IntelliHue offers the highest CRI.

Chromasync technology also increases your ability to hit a CCT with max flux and max CRI with a special algorithm based on how an individual luminaire was manufactured. This algorithm automatically calculates how to run each of the channels to optimize for flux and CRI. Now you can get the most out of your multi-channel luminaires, achieving classic white light and color-changing light for special events or holidays – all in a single IntelliHue luminaire. Plus, IntelliHue luminaires significantly reduce the complexity of installation and the overall cost of the system.

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