How good is LED light quality?

Our LED luminaires provide remarkable quality and consistency.

Since entering the marketplace, LED lighting systems have evolved rapidly, with accuracy and quality improving exponentially. Consistency is a major goal of leading LED manufacturers, as well as designers/manufacturers of LED lighting systems. For example, Color Kinetics uses Optibin, an advanced binning process, to select high-quality LEDs right from the start, ensuring high performance and color consistency from fixture to fixture. However, binning – selecting similar LEDs – is only one aspect of achieving quality. Careful control and adjustment of light – including white, color, and mixed-use luminaires – is necessary to ensure the ultimate quality of light. For example, Color Kinetics Essential White (eW) white lighting systems and IntelliHue white/color-changing systems both offer extremely high quality – achieving accuracy levels of 2 MacAdam ellipses. 

So you can get the same high level of quality and consistency whether you’re doing a white-only installation, a color-changing installation, or both. Chromasync technology takes the color precision and consistency of all IntelliHue LED luminaires even further – all while maximizing light output for a given color point.

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