Interact Landmark Content App User Guide

System Architecture Overview

System Architecture

Hardware Compatibility

The Content App is compatible with any Light System Manager gen5 controller installed with Firmware Version or higher.

To access the Content App on an existing LSM gen5 controller simply update to the latest Firmware here:

Getting Ready

  1. Ensure luminaires are installed and addressed.
  2. Ensure LSM is setup and shows are programmed.
  3. Ensure you have a stable internet connection.

    Refer to the IT Setup/Troubleshooting article for more information regarding internet connection issues.

Content App Setup

  1. Ensure LSE is updated with the latest version of Firmware ( or higher).
  2. Connect LSE to the internet.
  3. Prepare LSE to be setup for Content App.
    1. Check internet settings on LSE web interface to ensure LSE is connected to the internet.
      Configuration > Settings > Networking

      Refer to IT Setup section for more details on internet connectivity requirements.
    2. Note or Copy the unique LSE Device ID.
      Configuration > Settings > About

      The Device ID will be used to connect to the Cloud later.
  4. Login or create an account for the Content App.

  5. Add and name your Site and Device. Input the unique LSE Device ID noted in Step 3b.

  6. After you add a new LSE it will initially appear disabled.
    1. To enable a new LSE go back to the LSE web interface and enable Cloud connection.
      Configuration > Settings > Cloud

      Connect to the Global Server (for all projects outside of China)  or the China Server (only for projects within China).
  7. Once the Cloud connection is successful the LSE will be enabled on the Content App interface.

    If the Cloud connection is not successful refer to the IT Setup/Troubleshooting article for possible solutions.

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