Dimming of Essential White (eW) luminaires

Essential White (eW) luminaires are available with one of two forms of dimming capabilities: Precision/Digital Dimming or ELV Dimming.

Precision/Digital Dimming

Luminaires identified as either Precision or Digital Dimming operate as either ON/OFF or are dimmed via the Data Enabler Pro power/data device and a DMX or Ethernet lighting controller.

Utilizing Precision or Digital dimming, eW luminaires are treated in the same schema that RGB luminaires are addressed and configured. 

eW luminaires with nodes or segments such as eW Flex Compact or eW Graze MX Powercore can have each node or segment brightness adjusted individually by setting a base light number with QuickPlay Pro.

The difference between Precision and Digital Dimming 

Both Precision and Digital Dimming allow smooth and accurate dimming down to 1% brightness. Digital Dimming adds the ability to dim individual channels of a luminaire and is used when the highest level of dimming resolution is required.

If uniquely addressing each luminaire, Precision Dimming requires 1 channel per luminaire, whereas Digital Dimming requires 3 or 4 channels per luminaire.

ELV Dimming

Luminaires identified as ELV can be operated as either ON/OFF or are dimmed via specific industry standard ELV reverse-phase control (trailing-edge) dimmers. For more information refer to: Dimming eW Powercore.

DM-1000 0-10 ELV Dimmer 

The DM-1000 allows the use of virtually any industry standard 0-10 V dimming control. DM-1000 ensures flicker-free dimming of ELV-dimmable eW luminaires. An onboard trim adjustment allows instant configuration, and a test button confirms proper functioning of luminaires and dimmer. For more information. 

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