Content App IT Setup/Troubleshooting Guide

IT Setup

If LSE is connected on a building wired internet connection, ensure that LSE does not connect to the internet using any proxy servers.

    For proper communication between the LSE and Interact Landmark cloud server, the IT department on the customer side needs to open the following ports in their firewall:

    • Outbound TCP port 80 for host (mqtt traffic)
    • Outbound HTTP port 443 for host (http traffic)
    • Outbound SSH port 22 for host (ssh tunnel for http traffic)


    1. LSE is unable to connect to the Interact Landmark cloud, cannot connect to server error message appears

      Make sure the LSE has proper internet connection and IT/firewall requirements have been met.

      Make sure the LSE device is added correctly on the content app (with the correct device ID). If you are not sure whether you added the correct device, remove the device and re-add it on the content app.

      Make sure you have changed the default admin login password to something other than the default password.

    2. Unable to access LSE on the Interact Landmark Content App

      Ensure the LSE is still connected to the internet.

      Disconnect the LSE from the Content App then reconnect it. This can help if the LSE has an unstable internet connection.
    3. LSE keeps connecting/disconnecting

      This happens when the LSE has an unstable internet connection. This might happen during the initial login as an automatic method to stabilize the internet connection.
    4. Changing colors from the Content App does not change the color of actual luminaires.

      Make sure the LSE is still connected to the internet and is showing up as active on the Content App.
    5. Shows and scenes not showing up on the Content App

      This happens when the LSE is not connected to the Content App.

      Check that the LSE is connected to the internet.

      Disconnect the LSE from the Content App then reconnect it.

    6. Only able to view certain features on account

      This is because the Master User only provided you access to certain features. Contact the Master User who provided you with initial access to the Content App for further access privileges.
    7. Unable to login into Content App

      Make sure you are entering the correct credentials.

      The Master User might have revoked your access. Contact the Master User to make sure you still have user access privileges.

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